An old pond, A frog jumps in, A splash of water

Welcome to my world!

"When all the world recognizes beauty as beauty, this in itself is ugliness. When all the world recognizes good as good, this in itself is evil."--Laotze


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Hello, there! This is Lotusgrail’s world! Thank you for visiting my world! My world has different themes of countries. They are supposed to keep being evolved by Lotusgrail. My world has no walls and no boundaries. You don’t need any visa but only curiosity to travel there. I am a spiritual vegetarian Buddhist. If you are curious more about me, click to the above button of “Who am I?”. Enjoy my world and put your impression if you want to leave your footprints.


Lotusgrail’s Daydream

True spiritual friendship to make our own art of lives, to experience diverse cultures and to be open to help people, animals, Nature and the planet. Global friendship gives us wisdom to help solving problems related to religious, regional, racial and cultural conflicts and leads us to the progress of global peace and love.


Lotusgrail’s Mirror

What is lotusgrail? The name is combined with two words “lotus flower” and “holy grail”.  Lotus is a symbolic flower of Buddhism and holy grail is mysterious treasure from christianity. Lotus can be seen but  without inner eyes you can’t see “Om mani padme hum(the jewel of the lotus). Holy grail was never found yet, but many people are inspired by its symbolic or metaphoric meaning. Lotusgrail mirrors myself.